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Chandeliers with candles

In the modern world, everything is changing rapidly, progress covers all spheres of human life. If earlier only candles were used to illuminate houses, today electric lamps of various types are used for this purpose. However, many designers today decided to return to medieval luxury; ceiling chandeliers with candles are increasingly on sale. Such lighting devices create coziness and a special mysterious, refined atmosphere in the house. Further, it is worthwhile to talk in detail about such lamps, list their features, consider popular models.

Features of the models

Several centuries ago, suspended ceiling chandeliers with candles adorned the rich halls of palaces, luxurious castles of kings and courtiers. The design of the lamps implied the use of real paraffin candles - in large quantities.
Such lamps were distinguished by a soft, truly magical light, but wax constantly dripped from the candles. In addition, the candles had to be changed quite often, which was not very convenient. If people of that time did not have other options for creating lighting, then it is much easier for a modern person in this regard.
If you want to buy a gorgeous candle chandelier for your home, you don't have to stock up on boxes of paraffin wax. The latest technology makes it possible to produce light bulbs that exactly mimic the shape, size and light of a real wax candle. So you get a luxurious chandelier that will not give you any hassle in operation.

What materials are they made of?

For the manufacture of ceiling lamps, manufacturers use all kinds of materials. It can be natural wood or its substitutes, plastic, aluminum, bronze, enamel. Handmade models are very popular, for the creation of which rhinestone, Murano glass (white, black, colored, transparent or frosted) are used.
Often these materials are combined with semi-precious metals, stones, mosaics and even some types of gold. Massive forged frames with graceful crystal elements look very impressive.
You are not limited by anything when choosing a material when buying a chandelier for your home. Moreover, many firms accept orders for the manufacture of unique devices according to individual designs and various sizes.

What styles are they suitable for?

If you think that a chandelier with a shade in the form of a candle looks good only in the interior of palaces and medieval castles, then this is not at all the case. Such ceiling lamps are suitable for absolutely any style, be it classic, baroque, modern, country or art deco. Even in ultra-modern design, such devices look very beautiful. They become an unusual accent in the room, a real decoration of it. The sizes and shapes of such lamps are very different.
It is important to select the dimensions of the device strictly in accordance with the area of ​​the room. For spacious rooms in apartments or country houses, massive chandeliers with many bulbs are very suitable. For small spaces, you can purchase medium, small chandeliers.

Manufacturers have put a lot of effort into creating light bulbs that resemble real candles as much as possible. Moreover, there are quite a few varieties of such products. We list the most common and available options.
Incandescent lamps
This is the classic and most popular type of light bulb for any lighting fixture, including ceiling chandeliers with candles. In shape, this product is as close as possible to a real wax candle. The light bulb looks quite original and elegant. The light that comes from her is incredibly soft, warm and cozy. Moreover, among the assortment of such products, there are quite often products that imitate a candle with a flame fluttering in the wind. It looks very stylish and original.

LED bulbs
This type of light source has become the most popular in recent years. LEDs are very economical in use of electrical energy and will allow you to reduce your bills by about seventy percent. In addition, such bulbs have a long service life - from three to eleven years. In the assortment of LED bulbs, there are also models that repeat the shape of a burning candle flame. They can operate both from the main power source and from batteries. Moreover - these bulbs are often sold with a remote control. What a modern person needs is convenience, economy and high quality.


Wax candles
There are many suitable types of light bulbs in stores today, but some buyers still want to get a ceiling chandelier with real wax candles. This luxurious and sophisticated design will become the centerpiece of any home. She will also certainly emphasize the excellent taste of the owner of the house and the originality of the interior. Traditional paraffin candles melt very quickly, leaving a specific smell and soot. In addition, wax constantly drips from them. If you do not want to deny yourself the purchase of a hanging chandelier with real candles, make your choice in favor of modern stearin options.
Such products will not bring you the listed inconveniences associated with wax. At the same time, this will not affect the quality of light. On the contrary, a chandelier with stearin candles will give you a feeling of peace, tranquility and harmony. Chandeliers like these are real time machines and take you back to the ancient times of knights and kings.

If you bought a chandelier with candles, don't forget to get a special cap to extinguish the wick. Such a device has a long handle and is very convenient to use. It is very important to be extremely careful and not forget about fire safety.
Such lamps are equally good at highlighting the interior of any part of the house. However, they look most organically in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. When choosing such devices for your home, consider a variety of nuances. Choose high quality models. Customer reviews will help you navigate the assortment.